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Last Extinction |NOVA (PBS)

With principal shooting in Greenland and Arizona, scientists explore events 13,000 years ago which may have caused the last great extinction that marked the end of the woolly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers. Could a comet have sparked the dramatic climate change evidenced in the ice cores?

As well as editing the documentary, I went to Greenland to shoot timelapses of the glacier. The opening shot represents the sudden return to the ice age. It was achieved with two timelapses taken from the top of the same hilltop looking in opposite directions.


The Bible's Buried Secrets |NOVA (PBS)

Ten months in edit, this two hour special for NOVA is an archaeological investigation into the origins of the Hebrew Bible. Who wrote the Bible, and how did they develop the notion of one God?

The film generated a great deal of discussion. There's a good sample on the Providence Pictures website.

Visit NOVA for extra features, including From Concept to Complete, a behind the scenes video alongside a piece I wrote about some of the effects that went into making the documentary.


Secrets of the Parthenon |NOVA (PBS)

It took the ancient Greeks nine years to build this iconic monument. An immense optical illusion, the Parthenon is actually a series of subtle curves. Every piece of this temple is unique, which partly explains why a restoration team has been working for over 30 years to piece together the scattered fragments. In the process they've have had to rediscover ancient building methods buried in the curves of the Parthenon.

In 2009, Parthenon was nominated for an Emmy. The film narrowly (I'm assuming) lost out, but it was a great honour nonetheless.


Prisms |BBC

A series of 3 minute pieces due to air on a new channel launching this summer. The Angkor Wat film looks great. FCP's new smoothcam does an incredible job with the aerials. Take a look at this before/after.


Secrets of the Samurai Sword |NOVA (PBS)

Over centuries of trial and error, master Japanese sword makers perfected their craft. We take a look at the science behind this iconic weapon.

Edited and onlined in the Rhode Island studio, I also narrated the final documentary - my NOVA debut.


Kingdom of the Elephants |Discovery Animal Planet

Trekking on elephant back through the jungles of Northern Thailand, a father teaches his daughter the generations old skills of the mahout - the elephant handlers.


First Flower |NOVA (PBS)

The New York Times highlighted First Flower in its pick of the week: "It's what HD was made for".

Where did flowers come from? It's a question that stumped Charles Darwin and is only now beginning to be understood. Scientists in China have discovered a fossil that is revealing clues that may unravel the mystery of the evolution of flowers. First Flower is a one hour HD documentary for NOVA, a science strand that airs on PBS in the United States.

The offline edit was carried out in New York before returning to Singapore for the composing and online.

You can see previews and deleted scenes on the NOVA website.

Visit Ghosts of Edit Suites Past to see all the old setups.