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Children of Leprosy

Children of Leprosy |Independent

In the mountains of southwest China lie a remote group of settlements known in Chinese as kangfu cun - literally, 'recovery villages'. More commonly though, they're known simply as 'leprosy villages'.

Though their fight against the disease is long over - none of the villagers is contagious - fear of leprosy remains widespread. Discriminated against for decades, today the villagers are fighting to change the perception of the outside world.

This is my second 'backpack film' - shot only with what I could carry. Visit the website to watch the film and read more about the shoot.


How to Find Your Dragon |Dreamworks

Dreamworks has created a live arena show of their animated film How to Train your Dragon, featuring enormous animatronic dragons. This documentary intercuts the story of how those dragons were created with a worldwide quest to discover a real dragon.

Majestic Theatre

Celtic Christmas |WGBH

The 5D has been in action again. This still is a grab from a timelapse of the Majestic theatre filling. Clamped to a speaker rig in the gods, this is what the superwide 14mm f/2.8 was made for.


Vietnam Moto Beep Beep |Independent

With Hanoi's economy booming, its residents find themselves with cash to spare. One of the first things they're doing is customising their motos with colour, decals & seat covers from Louis Vuitton to Hello Kitty.

This story emerged from four weeks of walking the streets of Hanoi with the 5D and a backpack of gear.

Watch the film online.

Power Surge

Power Surge |NOVA (PBS)

Whether you're worried about climate change, or you're worried about fossil fuels running out, everyone is agreed: we need to shift where we get our energy from. By tapping the sun, capturing carbon and reexamining nuclear, can science come up with technologies to fuel our future?

The shot above is from a sequence on the impact of oil-guzzling planes on Co2 levels. It's filmed with a 100mm macro lense peering through a wine glass of balsamic vinegar and peanut oil sitting on top of a laptop playing the airline clip.


Building the Great Cathedrals |NOVA (PBS)

Encoded in gothic cathedrals in France, experts are discovering dimensions ripped straight from the pages of the Bible. Seeing God as the divine geometer, did medieval engineers try to literally build heaven on earth?

The pictures in this doc are breathtaking - the above still is a composite of several frame grabs from a crane shot that begins with a close up of our contributor explaining structure and ends with the vaulted ceiling.

I colour corrected Cathedrals in Apple's Color. This extraordinary plug-in rescued a number of underexposed shots. Take a look at the before/afters.


Riddles of the Sphinx |NOVA (PBS)

With the new studio up and running in Boston, and the production company in Providence, Sphinx (like Extinction) is being edited remotely. The difference is that we're utilising screen sharing this time. This allows me to remotely control the desktop of the edit suite in Providence. I'm able to transfer my sequence at the end of each day, hit render, and the director can watch the cut in full HD. I can even control their timeline, and open ichat on their mac, so they can see the output from the Boston suite in realtime. Awesome.

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