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The Life Equation

The Life Equation |Independent

What if there were an algorithm for saving the most lives?

I followed stories in Nepal and Guatemala over four years, documenting the patients and health workers on the front lines of a debate over the role of data in global health. The film is out now on Amazon and Vimeo.

Life's Rocky Start

Life's Rocky Start |NOVA (PBS)

What could lifeless rocks possible have to do with the origin and evolution of life? Everything, it turns out.

I beefed up the motion control rig with a new turntable to capture spectacular shots of stunning minerals. Check out The Amazing Flying Minerals of Life's Rocky Start.


Colosseum - Roman Deathtrap |NOVA (PBS)

The last in the Building Wonders series, in Colosseum we reconstruct an ancient Roman lift and trap door and release an animal into the world's most famous ampitheatre for the first time in 1500 years.

Check out the prologue - it's an amazing film.


Petra - Lost City of Stone |NOVA (PBS)

A new motion control rig was in action in Jordan to capture timelapses of Petra. In this shot, the camera travels down a slider and pans towards the Treasury as the sun sweeps it out of shadow.

There's a stunning showcase of all the timelapses from the Building Wonders series here.

Manhunt Boston Bombers

Manhunt Boston Bombers |NOVA (PBS)

A very quick turnaround edit about the technologies that worked - and failed - in the investigation that followed the attack on the Boston Marathon in April, 2013.

From the assembly of the first scene to air was only 2 weeks. It couldn't have been done without the support of editors Mike Amundson and Brian Truglio, and the team at Outpost that managed the shared storage and delivery.

The film won the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Science Programming.

It is streaming on NOVA's website.

Broadway Idiot

Broadway Idiot |Independent

Follow Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong as he journeys from Madison Square Gardens to Broadway - 8 blocks and a world away. Broadway Idiot is a feature length documentary about how the hit record American Idiot was translated into a musical.

It's a rare insight into the machinations of Broadway, but at the heart of this film is the personal story of a punk rock star who finds himself drawn into the world of theatre. It's an experience that ultimately transforms not only American Idiot, but also Billie Joe Armstrong himself.

After four years on the hard drives, Broadway Idiot made it's world premiere on March 15th at SXSW 2013. Watch the trailer here. See it on itunes here.

The Regime Responds

The Regime Responds |Frontline (PBS)

The second part of a Frontline special called The Battle for Syria, this documentary is a harrowing account of the Syrian uprising.

Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul's Ancient Mystery |NOVA (PBS)

In the heights of the magnificent Hagia Sofia, a team of Japanese engineers is scanning the walls in search of Byzantine mosaics hidden beneath the Ottoman plaster.

See pictures from the first shoot.

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